What is the best way to overclock?


Apr 16, 2009
So, I just got my new CPU today, and installed it.

My CPU is an Intel i5-3570k, and my Motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H, linked here:


Anyway, once I got everything started, and got Windows installed, I figured I'd look at the Bios to see what the overclocking is like. I've never overclocked before, with the exception of using EVGA Precision on occasion, but it all looks pretty straight forward. What I see is this:

CPU Clock Ratio - 3.4
CPU Base Clock - 100MHz
Onboard GPU Base Clock - 1150MHz

System Memory Multiplier - 13.33
RAM Speed - 1333MHz

Now, is it okay to just change those, or is there more I need to go into, such as voltages and the likes, and in the case of memory, things like timing and volatages.

Is all I need to do something like make the base clock 150MHz and then click save, or would I need to edit other things, such as the voltage? And is it best to up the Clock Ratio, or the Base Clock?

And as for the memory. At the moment I'm just using a 4GB stick of 1333MHz memory from a previous build, until I find a good deal on 16GB's of 1600MHz memory. Seeing as I could change the System Memory Multiplier, could I up my 4GB 1333MHz RAM Stick to say 1600MHz? And would I need to change other things like timing, and voltages as well, or just change the System Memory Multiplier?

Sorry about all these questions, this just really is new to me and I don't want to screw anything up. Right now I'm using a HyperCooler 212 Plus cooler on my CPU and getting around 25C idle, so I figured there's at least a little room for overclocking. I was thinking of bumping it up to around 4.0GHz or so, and possibly upping my RAM to around 1600MHz for now, until I upgrade it anyway.

Thanks for ANY help, it's greatly appreciated.


Aug 11, 2008
While I won't take any responsibility for what you do to your computer, Since you purchased a K CPU from intel which are multiplier unlocked, I would try boosting the multiplier of the CPU by very small increments, restarting the computer, testing for stability(Superpi, prime95 etc...) checking your temperatures, and then keep going until you feel comfortable, or it begins to BSOD, which in that case, roll back to the last one that was stable. increasing the voltage in small amounts may add stability to an unstable multiplier setting, but it's all at your own risk.
For the memory, i'd just leave it alone till you get the 1600 RAM.
The CPU base clock i usually leave alone for unlocked processors as they tend to overclock a bunch of other things on the board which can be harmful to your system. try that at your own risk.