Question What is the best way to use and adjust a custom liquid cooling system?


Nov 13, 2017
I just installed a new custom liquid cooling system. I currently have a Lian Li o11 XL ROG PC case with a PC-O11 XL Single D5 Reservoir Distribution Plate mounted to the front of the pc case replacing the front glass panel. New D5 pump that is hard tubed to (2) 360mm EKWB radiators and a cpu waterblock as well as a RAM waterblock. I do not currently have my gpu connected to the water cooling system because i plan to replace my current gpu with an upgraded one in the near future. I also have a Barrowch External Expansion Display Screen With 8.8 Inches 1920*480px Multifunction Synchronous Monitoring Interface FBEHD-01. Which is basically just a screen installed inside my case that you can see through the glass and it shows all the temps and speeds of everything. This screen runs Aida64. So basically my question is what is the best way to run the liquid cooling system? What software should i use and how should i set it? At what point should things be cooled down and at what temp is the best for the cpu and the ram? Basically i want to know the best practices and methods when operating a custom liquid cooling system?