What is the Best wireless repeater?

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Like all wireless and even hard drives, determining which is "best" is a futile exercise. No matter what I or anyone else recommends, someone, somewhere will find it intolerable.

So with that caveat in mind, the best "value" available at the moment (imo) is the ZyXEL WAP3205.


I've been waiting for Newegg to drop the shipping charge over the past few days (they often do), but so far no luck.

It can function as a WAP (wireless access point), WDS wireless bridge, wireless client bridge, or wireless repeater bridge. Supports wireless N, comes w/ two LAN ports (presumable extendable w/ a switch), even supports multiple SSIDs for separate secured and guest access. A lot of features packed into one device. You can easily pay $70 or more for a simple Linksys wireless client bridge.

Normally I prefer dd-wrt compatible routers for all my wireless bridging needs, but many ppl don’t like the idea of dealing w/ third party firmware (but it’s a terrific solution). One of my favorite dd-wrt compatible routers is the ASUS WL-520GU.


But it’s only wireless G compared the ZyXEL (N). And the ZyXEL is only another $7-8 after shipping. In fact, I’ve seen the ZyXEL selling for as little as $31 shipped (after rebate), well below the WL-520GU. There’s just no better “value” in wireless bridging right now than the ZyXEL if you confine yourself to NON dd-wrt compatible routers. It’s just a matter of whether you wait in hopes the ZyXEL drops even a little more.


Jul 8, 2011
I'm sure at one point that answer was pretty good.

Right now I'm looking for more up to date models. The trouble is so many of these old models I'm sure work just as good, if not better maybe in some cases if they were made with attention to quality rather than quantity. Seems that is the trouble for a lot of the big name manufacturers as they want to make those dollars so much that they'll just push garbage right out of the factory. Can't stand that, because someone who doesn't know much about a particular model but decides to trust a company ends up throwing their money away.

Anyways, I did a bit of researching and the one sites that I was able to come by was http://www.wifirepeaterreviews.com which also has a sister site called http://www.wirelessrangeextenderreviews.com - both of them are pretty good. All up to date models and lots of good opinions to consider, rather than just getting locked in some biased opinion.

After taking some time to read through a lot of the reviews I was struck by how a lot of people are more so interested in the high end models because they actually give a better bang for your buck. Especially if you don't want to end up screwed on your warranty.
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