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What is the best Z97 motherboard for under £80?


If you want the best possible advice... you should visit a place like Newegg or Amazon and searching for the motherboard series you're interested in and then filter with your price range. Once you do that, just take the time to read the reviews from actual owners. From my experience, you'll get more accurate information instead of posting and asking a question like that because many people a loyal to their brands/companies... and many times will recommend what they prefer or want others to get instead.


Be careful of Newegg "reviews" though. Many reviews may just point out someone who did not know what he was doing, or is grousing about shipping, or something not related to the product. Look for patterns or consistency to have any hope of actually spotting a problem. Remember too that people are more likely to leave reviews if they are dissatisfied.
Otherwise, if you search on the product of interest, you might find a competent technical review of it somewhere.

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