Question What is the difference between B550 and X570 Boards?

Aug 20, 2020
I have pretty good computer hardware knowledge - I can build my own computer no problem. But I'm missing the next level of knowledge to know the difference between the two. What is objectively the difference between the two types of boards.
I'm planning on building a new rig, with a n AMD Ryzen 5600x and a RTX 3070. But for one reason or another, I was told on other forums to go for a B550. And some people said that the X570 was "better", but couldn't explain why.
Can you explain in layman
s terms what are the differences, objectively.?

PC Tailor

  • Gen 4 chipset link. This simply means that it has more flexibility in it's lanes so effectively you can choose between PCIe or SATA devices This for most, won't mean much application difference, and it more geared to those with more devices.
  • This means it can support more PCIe devices (such as M2 PCIe) and has more PCIe slots/lanes.
  • Have their own chipset fan
  • Can support higher LAN capability (but again, more enthusiast)
  • Supports 2nd Gen Ryzen
  • More high speed newer gen USB support.
  • Gen 3 chipset link. Which just means it's less flexible with those lanes and I believe can only be configured to SATA devices.
  • Do not have a chipset fan
  • Not as high LAN capability (but still more than most people need).
  • Does not support 2nd Gen Ryzen
  • Less high speed newer gen USB support.
The above is not entirely exhaustive, but some key ones I know of. Others may add a bit more

In short, X570 is just more feature reach probably more for the enthusiast really who is running more devices due to its improved PCIe lane capabilities - or for those who want 2nd Gen Ryzen support. For most people, B550 is perfectly fine.

B550 is perfectly fine for most people, and I think GamerNexus sums it up pretty well that they're pushing B550 to be more "a cheaper version of X570, rather than as a full step down in classification".
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Many of the B550 boards have better WiFi and or sound than some of the older x570’s.

I have an x570 Asus. Having two NVME drives in the M2 format is great for a simple clean build. You don’t see any difference between PCIE 3.0 and PCIE 4.0 for the gamer. Large file transfers are a different matter and fast if needed in certain applications.

As a gamer, the B550’s should more than satisfy. You should google reviews for them and see what’s out there that fits your needs.
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