What is the difference between cpu temp and system temp in bios and


Mar 15, 2012
Which is more important?

Also, i live in a tropical country and my cpu temp (athlon x3 450) in bios is at 60, but system temp is at 40c. Since i am in bios, i assume this is idle temp.

Anyway, is 60 ok given where i am right now? And my case has 5 peripheral fans, so i am supposed to be at a syable temp. Since i have been gaming for 3 weeks upon arriving here and no resets or blacking out from the rig




BIOS usually run a busy-wait loop while "idle" and this keeps core #1 at 100% load.

Until the OS initializes SMP states on other cores and starts their idle thread, the other cores are disabled. So on a tri-core CPU like the X3, the BIOS would be running the core at 33% total load: 100% load on 1 out of 3 cores.


Jan 16, 2006
60c is ok, but max on that cpu is 75c, and the cpu running 20c above system temp seems a tad warmer than it should be. I'll bet a decent aftermarket cooler would lower the cpu to less than 10c over ambient room temp in a decently ventilated case. How warm does the room with the pc get? Do you have at least 2 good case fans running? (preferebly 1 bottom front and 1 top rear)
op it depends on the bios.
some bios's force an 80% load on the cpu which will give a substantially higher temp while in bios than most every day use...
60'c on any amd is not good as they tend to throttle between 60 and 75'c depending on model...
most phenom based athlons run pretty cool so anything over 30-35'c would be a higher than average idel temp. my old x2 6000 ran at a cool 28'c on ilde on a warm day with a cnps 9500a. so considering your on a smaller dye and more efficient cpu architecture. than my old athlon x2 so if you cant match its idle then better cooling is needed.

the most important temp is the max temp your pcu runs at. the lower you can get this the better and i would say its best to read the temps in windows as thats the only place you can get 100% cpu usage...
your cpu will throttle at 75'c so if your hitting 60 at max load then your cooler is good enough to cope but is likely to be less efficent at lower temps if its a typical amd block cooler.