Question What is the difference between the Nvidea GTX 1070 Ti Turbo, Armor, and Founders?

Jul 18, 2019
I'm buying one online and while the Turbo is 70$ cheaper than the other two, which are priced at 400$, I'm wondering why. What is the difference in all of these models when they all have the same graphics card; the GTX 1070 Ti?
Its just the cooler most of the times the different models really dont matter that much or the premium but turbo has a blower style cooler that is not good maybe just for mini cases or cases with bad airflow. But still at this price point why dont you buy an rtx 2060 or amd 5700 or vega 56 - 64 ? I own a gtx 1070 ti but i dont think is worth at this price.