Question what is the difference between using a vpnservice and using a dedicated router vpn with service?


Jun 24, 2012
i made some researche and

he says in the comment Just want to be clear here. You need a VPN ROUTER, and NOT a VPN in a Router. Most commercial routers include a VPN feature. You don't want that!!!! It just encrypts to the router and your public IP address is still visible.

other place i need explanation is
they say A workaround would be to put the vpn client on the router that you connect to.

hum anyone could explaine tx


There are two ways to use a VPN. You can use it to log INTO your home network from remote or you can use it as a tunnel out of your home network to a VPN provider. The VPN provider then routes your traffic to the internet.
In the first case, your public IP is used to allow your (or others) to access resources on your home LAN.
In the second case your public IP is only used to connect to the VPN provider. Your traffic to the rest of the internet is behind the proxy the VPN provider gives you. That public IP address is what is presented to the rest of the world.
So it depends on what you want to do with a VPN.


If you want your devices to be safer outside your home you can setup a vpn at home for them to connect to. This will keep all traffic encrypted and its not super easy to setup. this could also allow you to access your home network more securely from remote for a file server or w/e. most routers are very slow and not very good for this.

a paid vpn is easy to setup and keep traffic encrypted. never use a free hosted one.

none of them provide anonymity. the provider knows where the source and end destination are.