What is the different of series of the video card???


Sep 16, 2009
i'm a owner of small computer cafe and want to buy video card for my computers i don't know what is the different of other series of video card.... only i know the mb or capacity of video card... please help me... or add me YM 24/7 online ^^ meguel_bartolome@yahoo.com
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As with the above, you really need to post more information.

*Are you buying these machines new or upgrading existing machines.
*What are the specifications on the machines you are buying/upgrading (CPU, RAM, PSU, etc.).
*How many machines are you working with.
*What is your budget.
*What games are going to be played and at what resolution.
*How long do you intend to use these machines for (ie. do they need to be overspeced to run future games).