What is the fastest CPU in rendering/exporting in Adobe Premiere? 2018/2019


Nov 19, 2014
Hey guys, I'm amazed how I google this and can't find a clear answer! Anyway, tom'sHARDWARE community is the way!

Regardless of the price, can you please tell me the fastest CPU I can use these days to render in Premiere. You can mention top 3 for example :)



May 12, 2015
To be blunt, you'd be getting diminishing returns after something like The Threadripper 1950X/7960X. Multicore is extremely strong in the premiere ecosystem. Pugetsystems has fantastic literature on the subject. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Premiere-Pro-CC-2017-1-2-CPU-Comparison-Skylake-X-vs-Threadripper-1012/
So looking around there seems to be some argument about the subject. Alot of people say Adobe Premiere is better optimized for Intel so a 8700/8700K would be best while other say the new Ryzen 2600x/2700x will make up for it with more core/threads. Someone else will have to chime in whop knows more about it but it gives you something to look around at.
What is your budget?
If it is unlimited and focused only on multithreaded processing, ryzen is hard to beat, but there are even stronger chips forthcoming from both intel and amd.
Or, you might even consider a multi cpu based workstation.

OTOH, if your needs are modest, includes gaming, and your budget not unlimited, the I7-8700K may be appropriate.
From what I've seen, Adobe products do better on Intel assuming you aren't talking about using a lower tier like an i5 CPU.

I'm sure there are specific circumstances where certain workloads might be faster on an AMD CPU, but without knowing details I'd choose Intel. Plus 'fastest' can mean two things. Technically, a task being done in 12 seconds is faster than a task being done in 13 seconds. That's the technical side of it. There is also the real world side of it. In the real world, there would be few situations where that one second matters, or is even noticeable...yet it might cost you a lot to buy the CPU that is one second faster in that job.

The Original Ralph

Tom's here used to post comparisons of CPUs running various programs & games, up thru the 7th gen CPUs but i haven't seen one for awhile

The Adobe programs seemed to favor high core count, but it's probably smartest to contact Adobe re your specific program and ask them what their software prefers