Question What is the fastest home internet right now ? ( Verizon 5G home internet)


May 3, 2019
What is the fastest home internet right now ? Is 5G the fastest ? For example “Verizon 5G home internet “ ? In USA does 5G LTE already exist ?

can someone find if 5G LTE home internet , is available in this zip code - 99208?
and through which company ?

whats the fastest Home internet under $80 , in USA ?

will 5G LTE , be faster if it is through a wired connection or wireless ?
Is there such thing as a wired connection for 5G LTE ?

thanks for reading this & thanks for your time .

Or what wired internet is as fast or faster than 5G LTE and available in this zip code - 99208 ? Can I make any wired internet wireless , using a router or hotspot ?
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Mar 16, 2013
"in USA" does not matter if that does not deliver to your house.

"5G" and "LTE" is a wireless thing, and totally irrelevant.

Generally, for wired internet residential service, 1GB is the max. Cable or fiber.
You always want some form of wired connection. What exactly you can get depends on your exact address not just a zipcode. Generally there is a cable tv company and maybe someone with fiber. You have to check the vendors sites, you can have stuff available on one block and nothing the next in some cases.

It would be nice if cell phone vendors did not always change the names for stuff. I mean the grocery store does not call milk something different just because they want to.

5G used to be a very high speed service to connect mostly for home use. This could get actual rates of 1gbit and much more in theory but most times it required outdoor antenna and had fairly poor range because it runs on a high radio frequency. It was/is only available in some parts of larger cities. Along comes tmobile who had nothing in the 5g market. They decided to make a offering using all the bandwidth they had acquired when they bought sprint. This is run on a much lower radio frequency so has better coverage but there is still not enough bandwidth to run the same "5G" that att and verizon were offering.

What tmobile is calling 5g other vendors called LTE-enhanced or LTE+. It only gets rates to maybe 100mbps. I think they say it can get 450mbps but att "5G" claims maximum theoretical rates of 10gbit so tmobiles offering is vastly inferior.

Real 5G was never really meant for mobile but since tmobile messed things up you now have the other vendors doing the same thing and offering something that is not really 5g.

This is not new they did the same thing when many vendors did not have LTE so they called their product 4G just to confuse people that did not know that 4G and 4G-LTE are not the same thing.

But in the long run for home use see what vendor offers a physical connection to your house. These will always be better than any form of wireless. Even if you were close to ATT or Verizon 5G node heavy rain greatly degrades the signals.