Question What is the fastest way to transfer datafrom old to new system ?


Jan 19, 2012
I am getting a new Workstation i-7 12700 CPU & I have lots of data in my old system on many Sata 3, 3.5 inch 3TB HDDs & 3.5 inch 500GB HDDs.

I am not sure if I can just put these HDDs in one of the slots in New workstation & copy - Paste the data or not because of newer & different controllers in new system.

Good news is that there are plenty of latest ports like DP, USB 3.2 Gen2 & USB 3.2 Type C Gen2 on the new system but it has three 512GB NVMe and Three 4TB Sata 3 5400rpm drives. And I need to transfer data from old HDDs to these new drives.

So can you guys suggest the type of adapter cable that I can use to connect to one of these ports & old Sata 3 HDDs that would allow me to transfer data much faster by copy paste ? I am confused with all kinds of such adapters available in the market so I need your expertise.

Many Thanks
You can put the HDD of the old computer into the new computer and copy data out of that HDD's User folder. Windows will yell at you at first because of permissions, but you should be able to override it if you're on an admin account.

Most app settings and configurations will be in the Users\[username]\AppData folder. That folder is hidden by default, so you may not see it. In any case, if you look in the folders there, copy what looks familiar into the new computer's Users\[username]\AppData folder. You can ignore the Microsoft and Temp folders you find in one of the AppData subfolders.

As far as how to move them, you can just copy and paste the contents like you normally would.
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Sata is sata, it doesn't matter how old or new it is, that only changes the max speed.
Just connect your old drives to the new system internally on a sata and copy paste, do it one at a time disconnecting one of the new drives if you have to, if there aren't any free sata ports.
The new drives are 5400rpm so copying is going to be slow anyway no matter what you do.
If you want something external because you don't want to open up the case you can get any external 3.5" sata enclosure they all will work the same.