[SOLVED] What is the point of 4 Dimms When most rams wont work 4 dimms When Highly overclocked ?

Jun 29, 2018
Hello ,

I have this Idea to all mobo Makers ,

Almost All the High OCed Memory kits wont work 4 Dimms as seen in the QVL lists .

So What is the point in making them 4 DIMMs in Motherboards that focus on overclocking ?

I say make them 2 Dimms only and we will have more space around the CPU for better clearance for large coolers and bigger VRM coolers.

ANY WAYS in Dual Channel MMAX OCed System , the Board wont work with highest OC 4 DIMMS AT ALL.


Actually, they will, or at least might, when manually configured correctly with custom timings and voltage as well as the latest bios version and a clean power source from a high quality power supply, a motherboard with a good VRM and power phase configuration and plenty of cooling.

More importantly though, those boards aren't all going to be used with high speed memory as most enthusiasts realize that beyond about 3400mhz the benefits are going to very little anyhow, so for some users who use their system both for gaming and productivity, especially if they are running high end professional applications or virtual machines, the ability to have a large memory capacity, rather than a very high speed module, is probably more important anyhow.

The MOST important factor will be that ALL memory modules come together in a matched set that has been tested and guaranteed by the memory manufacturer to all be compatible together. If you have THAT, then you stand a much better chance of being able to get four modules, regardless of speed, to run together and play nice in the same machine even if that means you may need to make adjustments to the timings or voltage.
It's not that the kits wont support it... It's that the boards are not designed around Quad Channel. Yes they have 4 DIMMS but using them comes at a price of being able to run High timings and Speeds. If you want that option then you need to invest in the Premium Platforms.

Consumer level boards are not targeted for a feature that you ask for since 99% of the buyers will only ever need between 8-16gb of RAM and will buy only 2 Sticks.

You could also restate the question thusly:
What's the point of heavy overclocking if you can't maximize memory capacity by using all 4 DIMM sockets.

Answer to both is: you optimize performance according to use case for memory capacity or clock speed.



I think you said that wrong. High timings are not desirable. Low timings are what you generally are seeking. Only a very few memory timings are preferred to be HIGHER, numerically.

I don't think it has to do with quad channel either. Certainly a motherboard that supports quad channel or up to 8 channel, will run four modules more easily than a dual channel board with only four DIMM slots due to the whole picture of the architecture, but there are plenty of people out there running dual channel configurations with four DIMMs if they are willing to tune the configuration appropriately and in some cases make a few concessions here and there.