Question What is the practical distance (range) of AC WiFi 5Ghz Signal indoors?

Mar 24, 2019
So far I have been using 2.4 Ghz b/g/n router. Now I am planning to buy Dual Band AC Router that will also support 5 Ghz signal.
My desk in a room is about 30 - 32 feet away (straight line distance without any obstruction except door) from where I will be placing the router and currently with 2.4 band existing router Dlink 615 I have no issues in getting connected with room door closed.
However I heard that 5 Ghz has low range. One Internet site showed range as some 200 Ft amplified which I did not get (What is amplified here)
So what is the practical distance 5 Ghz signal can travel indoors with one door in between router and the client?
Any inputs would be great. Thanks.


5GHz has a lower distance than 2.4GHz and has less wall penetration being a wider band. However if you are about 30 feet away it should be fine. It will depend on the router you use as it can have features that help push the signals farther such as a better antennae arrangement, MU-MIMO etc.

I have my router in the upper left of my home and can get plenty of signal in the lower right of my home on the 5GHz band.
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Depends if the door is lead lined :)

It is unpredictable really. A microwave oven puts out 1000 times the power of your router on the 2.4g band and the allowed leakage amount is a tiny fraction of your router yet you can still see though the glass door. It takes very little to block the signal. Some wallpaper with a metal film can completely block it.

For most people the problem is the signal goes too far. You likely get signal from your neighbors interfering with your signal.