What is the smallest case on the market that can fit these parts/heat?


Nov 21, 2010

I am definitely building this months $500 computer. Toms hardware has done all the work for me and the computer rocks. I am wondering if there is any way i can get a smaller case for it? Maybe even one without space for DVD drives to make it even smaller? I am trying to make the computer as mobile as possible, so if someone knows of a case like this, link it!

Thanks ahead of time,
The motherboard in that $500 build is a dead end part , that can never be upgraded with one of the [ very] soon to be released bulldozer cpu's
It might be the best $500 build today but its not good value .

Upgrade the motherboard to a part using a motherboard with a 970 series chipset .

Or if you simply want a smaller case then there are AM3+ micro ATX motherboards that will run BD processors , albeit without some power features enabled


any of those fit in a micro atx case