[SOLVED] What is this cable coming off my GEForce GTS240 OEM card?

May 25, 2022
I have a Nvidia GeForce GTS240 OEM that was installed into a Dell XPS 8100 machine. The graphics card has a 6 pin power connector. It also has a black and red cable at the top of the card which plugs into the motherboard. The black and red cable connector appears to have 6 pins but it actually is 5 pins as one pin is filled in with plastic. Does anyone know what this cable is for? This may be generic to Dell Motherboards as the normal (not OEM) GTS240 card does not appear to have this black and red cable. Is this a standard connector on motherboards as I am looking to put this card into a HP Pavillion P6000 but am unsure if the motherboard has the 5 pin connector.

Any help is appreciated.

An image of the graphics card with the cable in question is as below. The image is clearer on imgur so click on the image.