What is this case cable supposed to be connected to?


Feb 21, 2010

It's connected to my case. It is a male cable like my PSU cables, as opposed to the rest of the case molex connectors, which are female. Anyone know what I plug it into?
Its probably for a fan or lights. You see the other side of it is female. They do that so if you have limited number of molex connectors you can still use it to power a drive if you need it. So you plug a molex from PSU into the female side then if you want you can still use the male molex connector for a drive if you need it if not just connect to your power supply and call it a day. :)
Looks like it is probably a Y-splitter for a molex cable does the other end of it have a female connection ? THey are normally used for something like a fan or LED light that needs some power but not alot - and are designed so that you can plug a male Molex connector into the one end and then still use that male molex connector from the PSU to say a HDD or DVD drive - If you look at your pic the other end that is below your hand connects to a molex cable from your psu and 2 wires run to the fan or LED on the case and the connector you are holding is then the same as a molex connector from the PSU.

So basically it is just used to splice of a small amount of power to run a fan or similar without using up one of your PSU molex connections. (in other words the male molex connector from the PSU connects to the Female end of that wire - then 2 wires splice off to run the fan or whatever and the male end you are hoilding can now continue to be used to run a HDD or DVD drive just like the cable had come from the PSU.
No information in your owners manual? No diagram?

The molex power cable should lead to the front control panel which has an led and fan speed control. The cable should have both a female connector and a male connector wired together. It is a convenience item. Use whichever connector is appropriate to connect to your power supply.