Question What is this? (normal to white columns)

Jul 2, 2021

Hi there, can someone tell me what is this screen displaying? It’s my first time seeing it in my it career. Tried to google it but i guess my english wasn’t enough. The cause is of course monitor/touchscreen. Touchscreen is fine btw. I can even click the things on the white column, but the display is as you can see. The reason why it became like this; I dissemblied it in order to remove the battery, cuz battery became like a baloon literally :D and I successfully removed it and tried to open the pc and the resault was this. And guess what, the screen and it’s cables are under the motherboard, where it is impossible for me to touch any of them. Thanks for the help.

Edit; Sorry for the lack of info. I was typing from my phone and I was kinda in hurry.

Pc model -> Acer Aspire Switch 12 SA5-271

You can find videos on youtube as to how to remove battery or dissembly. It can give you the general idea of its insides. But there is no video for replacing the touchscreen, or removing it.

I did not replace it with a new battery. It is impossible to find any in my country right now. But it works without one. I can turn it on with just the power cable.

I thought it is because I removed the old battery/or batteryless state causing it, and put the old one back and tried again, and of course failed again.

***But I discovered something new, when I start the pc and desktop comes, after waiting for a whole 30 sec/1 min, the right side of the screen(white part) starting to flickering with horizontal lines. It starts from the top right and bottom right corners of the screen and it is slowly spreading (very slowly). I first thought it is a power failure and removed the power cable immediately. I was afraid to see the afterwards, since it may cause some permanent damage. I don't know whether it will completely cover the entire screen or just the white part, but when I start the computer again, there were no such flickering lines. However, after waiting for a while, the lines comes back again.
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Which model Acer monitor/touchscreen?

After replacing the battery were you able to double check that all configuration settings were as required and/or expected? Some may have gone back to default settings. However, that is not any sort of reasonable or useful desktop display. Have not seen any such screen display myself...

Try reinstalling the applicable monitor/touchscreen drivers.

Manually download via Acer's website. Reinstall and reconfigure.