Question What is to cold?

Sep 23, 2019
So usually starting around this time a year, the room with my pc is kept in often recesses a temperature of -5/-15C° or 23/0 F°
In witch case the pc is really cold

Wondering if using it in that condition isn't good for the computer.
Actually, condensation is unlikely but possible, but NOT because of using it. IF you have some days with no use and it is cold so the system it quite cool, and then the air in the room suddenly warms with high-humidity air, then the humidity in the air CAN condense on the cold parts of your computer. Normally this would not condense a LOT of water. If you do nothing, as the whole system warms up in that warmer air, the condensed water will re-evaporate, and you're fine again. The only time there is a problem is if this type of event has already deposited condensation in your system and then you turn it on while it is still cold and wet. In that situation it is possible for some of that liquid water to get into a place where it causes a electrical conduction path that shuld not be, and then the system will malfunction. If that does not happen then the normal heat generation inside your case will cause whatever condensate is present to evaporate, and again you have no problem.

Once in my life I had a problem related to cold, but NOT what you are dealing with. So this is only for info, not your problem. I had stored a computer in an unheated garage in the coldest part of the winter for about 2 months, and during that time the overnight low went below -35C a few times. When I took it out and let it warm up slowly in a normal heated house, it would not boot. Apparently the HDD had been damaged somehow. Replacing that unit with another that contained a backup copy of all data solved the problem immediately.
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