What is up with ASUS drivers?

Nov 21, 2018
I have an Asus Prime X470-Pro mobo. I usually try to keep my drivers updated, but it seems Asus lists what appear to be older versions with newer dates. For instance, I have the Intel I211 network adapter built into my mobo. The newest LAN driver they have listed as of 11/13/2018 is version But they also have version posted on 07/25/2018, and version as of 3/29/2018. All are WHQL drivers, so what's with newer drivers having lower version numbers?

It's a similar story with other drivers, too. The audio drivers posted on 3/29/18 are version On 3/29/18, they also posted (though it's larger and looks to include more software). And finally, on 9/11/18, they posted version (again?).

Does anyone know what's up with this? Thanks in advance!
It's best to get drivers at the source, AMD for chipset and Realtek or Windows for for sound. Intel LAN driver coming with W10 is actually best of those.
AMD is the one that supply chipset drivers for MS and MB manufacturer but they change them slightly to include drivers just for that particular MB while AMD drivers cover all MB manufacturers.
Raeltek seems to release new drivers weekly but there's really no need to change them that often. Check for drivers here https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/5993-latest-realtek-hd-audio-driver-version.html

What about not fixing things that aren't broke? Do I understand Asus? No.