What is windows/system32/drivers/crcdisk sys


Jun 8, 2011
how can i get my windows/vista system to start? everytime i attempt to reboot it stops at windows/sysytem32/drivers/crcdisk.sys ~ i am aware that it is the next file that is corrupt or stopping the system from starting ~ does anyone know how i can get my computer to do anything but stop at this point everytime


Jan 21, 2011
The easiest way to fix this would be to pop in your windows vista disk and perform a repair on the OS.

Else try:

OK... this is a solution, and I hope it works for eveybody ( btw, this is from an other post).

I create this post to share my experience of installing vista on a Toshiba Tecra A4 (old pc, but vista is working since rtm was release and iot works smooth).

Basically it seems the crcdisk.sys is not working because of the pcmcia and firewire driver ( which I never used) So i disabe the driver manually.

The same problem occured to me when first intalled vista RTM and after installing SP1 this drivers installed again and freeze my pc at boot time.

So this is how to fix the problem:

1) I start windows Vista from my DVD and select repair, select the command to star the console.
2) in the command promt I go to where my windows is installed and remane ( or delete) the followind file:


*NOTE: the file with * where NOT renamed (or delete) and it worked for me. In case Ur PC freeze again try to rename all files.

3) exit and restart.