Question What is wrong with my desktop? CPU or Motherboard?


Dec 6, 2015
Hello, trying to save some money going to a computer shop just for them to tell me what needs to be replaced. This morning when I went to bootup my computer I noticed that nothing was showing up on my screen, some LED lights I keep around my monitor which is USB connected to my desktop also wasnt working and my LED keyboard wasnt lighting up like it usually does when my computer boots up (the lights on the keyboard only can be turned on when my computer is on). Naturally my first instinct was that my PSU had finally crapped out after 4 years however I noticed that all my fans were running (including my GPU and CPU fans), my GTX 1050 TI's built in light display was also working, and I was still able to power my phone through one of the USB ports so just to be safe I disconnected my PSU and performing the paper clip test and it was successful and my PSU's fan was still running so that left me with my CPU or my motherboard failing but since that my GPU and CPU fans were both able to be powered on and that led me to believe that my motherboard was fine and that my CPU was the issue but im not quite sure.

Also: I have learned that all USB slots on my computer appear to be functioning and receiving power, my monitors LED lights just slipped and worked again when I reput them into the USB slot. I also don't believe that this is an issue with my monitor because I have a program called TeamViewer which allows me to remotely control my computer from my phone and the program auto opens shortly after my computer boots up and when I went to my TeamViewer app on my phone it said that my computer was offline.

Where do I go from here? Any help is appreciated