Question What is wrong with my GPU

Sep 21, 2023
NGL kind of shook about this. Recently I purchased a second hand card of EBAY. For the 3 weeks everything has looked good I have been keeping an eye on the GPU with programs like HW INFO, GPU Z and Afterburner. I will play a game or run a bench and log the results on these programs. Have not noticed any throttling or clocks dropping or anything that would be of concern, Temps all looked good to memory in mid 80s and core temps around 67 to 69. I also play on 1080 resolution if I had a higher res monitor maybe I would of noticed issues before as 4k is more demanding.

I was playing CS GO today and all of a sudden maybe 30 minutes into gaming on it I noticed this weird graphic pop in, like the level was loading. Then I logged off and proceeded to boot up CyberPunk. The links will show you the results of that. What the <Mod Edit>. Immediately as I got in the game this basically happened. After recording that I knew something was wrong and shut down the game only to be greeted with my desktop acting strange, possible artifacting. I have NO idea why this went like this. I have a few days left in my return period from EBAY.

For full transparency I have been testing the card. Bench marks here and there to see how it has held up which all looked normal to me. 3D mark and the many tests it offers benchmarks and 1 run of their respective stress tests, so FSU, TSE PR and Speedway were all run once for 20 loops and not consecutively I also downloaded Heave, Valley and Superposition. All benches were run around 3 times each over the space of the month. Again results all looked okay. I never used Furmark.

Finally I downloaded the Full OCCT version. I ran most of the GPU tests except switch and variable but ran test for errors on Power, Vram and 3D standard. Each for 30 minutes once and spread out over a week. No issues were found.

Lastly I just when I had the spare time which was rare played games on it. The most demanding was CyberPunk but I also tried Portal RTX and Control. Most other games I have are indie. Cyberpunk and Control were never played longer than an hour for a session.
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