Question What is wrong with my internet speeds

Dec 28, 2020
I am trying to download something that is 10 GB. It is downloading at 500kbs on chrome, so I downloaded a download manager. It sped things up a lot putting the speeds up to 1.8mb/s not really a lot but a big change at the moment, and now it dropped down to 500kbs. I ran a speedtest to see if it was my internet connection, I ran it and found that my download speed on there is 200 mb/s but I'm getting 500kbs download speed when this speed test says otherwise. Throughout the day the download speed went up to 30 mb/s but it only stays like that for about 30 seconds before it comes all the way back the down to the slow speeds, how can I fix this
First most all websites routinely throttle the download speeds to save bandwidth on their end, nothing you can do about that. If you are using a torrent style download that also can vary depending on the number of "seeders" available for you to download off of.

Second Mbps (megabytes) and MB/s (Megabits) are two different sizes, 1 Mbps = .125 MB/s Just keep that in mind because different apps and speed test will show different things are have settings to change them.

Finally if you are using wifi you have to be aware that different standard have maximum rates, and even those are subject to conditions like signal strength, interference and even the hardware you are using.