What is wrong with my PC's wireless connection?


Nov 19, 2008
Hi all,

I just bought a new Linksys EA3500 router for my setup at home for our internet. Where I live, the internet comes in thru the cable to a cable modem, then to the router. There is one desktop plugged into the router by Cat5 and another in my bedroom, which uses an Asus PCI N10 wireless card. There are also numerous wireless devices like phones, laptops, etc. that connect to the wireless router.

The problem I am experiencing right now is that the desktop that is connected wirelessly is experiencing extremely slow internet speeds. The desktop connected directly to the router by ethernet has great DL and UL speeds. My laptop, which connected wirelessly, has great speeds too, and this is right next to the desktop. The desktop in my does not seem to be experiencing any signal issues - the signal strength is showing around 3-4 bars on the wireless icon in the systray.

When I ping the router from my desktop on cmd, i'll get something like 30ms, 20ms, 100ms, then all of a sudden 1500+ms. I also get pretty decent response times from google.com, even though the website has a LOT of trouble loading up in chrome. This leads me to think that there is some issue with the wireless connection between the PC and the router, since all of the other wireless devices are working great. I have tried several different things, including using the ASUS software that came with the wireless card, as well as using the windows configuration settings. I've set an static ip address on my desktop as well for my router. I've turned of my Norton Internet Security Firewall since I thought it might be the one messing with the incoming data. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and software for the ASUS wireless card
The strangest thing about this, is that when I run a speed test on speedtest.net, I get a 0.5mb/s download speed, but a ~2.0 mb/s upload speed (which is the same upload speed that I get from the other devices).

Is there a setting somewhere that is wrong on the desktop? I have checked everything I know but I don't seem to be getting results. Maybe the wireless card is bad, and I wouldn't mind changing it out to a USB linksys one that might work better with the router, but I wanted to make sure that was the case before I dropped $50 for a new wireless adapter.

Thanks and much help appreciated.