Question What is wrong with my Ryzen 7 2700x


Nov 30, 2017
Hello. I recently built a new gaming PC. The parts list is here >
I benched marked it and got some pretty good results pre-overclock. After overclocking my GPU it ran in the 98th percentile of all 2070s. The first thing I noticed wrong with my PC was when doing any overclocking to the CPU, no matter how much, It goes from 80th percentile to the 20th percentile, even when using the ASUS easy OC tool. I also noticed it runs at 70 C while playing any game, even for only 30 minutes. There is thermal paste on it and the AIO does pump water. I have the fans for my radiator on the inside so you see the fans instead of the outside so you would see the radiator. I am not sure if it makes a difference or not. I also have been crashing recently while playing CSGO. It is only at the very beginning of the round, but it crashed my whole pc. When this happens, I have to hold down the power button to turn it off because I cant even ctrl alt delete or alt tab out of csgo. If anyone knows what might be wrong with my pc i would appreciate any help!
Apr 4, 2019
It would be nice to have a picture of your case to get an idea if you have adequate push/pull airflow. I'm really not going to recommend using the ASUS OC Tool. If you want to use a software tool to overclock your Ryzen, I would use AMD Ryzen Master:
Here's the guide:

I don't love Ryzen Master, but the ASUS Tool had an issue where it was pushing way too much voltage to the CPU. It was fixed, but I don't trust that software at this point. There are several guides on this and other websites that can help you out. I would start here:,5571.html
And this is a decent video, it's for a Ryzen 5 but the basics apply:

I'd always recommend stress testing with something like Prime 95 blend test for 3-6 hours to see if it's stable and within comfortable operating temperatures.
Link here:

It sounds like you may have pushed your GPU overclock a little bit too much as well. I would keep your CPU settings at stock and ease off your GPU overclock a bit until it's stable in games. No crashing or artifacting(funny shapes and colors). Let me know how you make out.
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Apr 4, 2019

OC one part at a time (CPU). when you are 100% stable, proceed to the next part (GPU)

Also, for a 2700x, on an X470 chipset, just forget about all those tools !!
just go in your motherboard and activate performance boost overdrive (PBO)
sometimes PBO settings are hiden well in the bios (I am talking to you Gigabyte !)

so just set everything in auto, and enable PBO.

then use prime 95 (blend test is fine) during a full night.
iff all process are still up after 7-8 hours, your are good.

PS : you already updated your BIOS isn't it ?

then OC / tune the RAM
well on ryzen it's a gambling, but you should be able to set it at 2666 at the very least. (set the ram voltage to what is written on your sticks usualy it's 1.35v for gaming DDR4 sets rated at 2400mhz or more)
by default the bios set the ram at 2133, and the internal clock inside the Ryzen CPUs scale with ram speed.
that's why improving the ram improves the CPU performance.
OCing the ram is all the rage on ryzen. OCing the CPU is a piece of cake.
avoid to activate XMP. most of times the ram is set for intel systems, and the AMD systems don't really like the timings (meaning it does not boot). you could be lucky though.

then OC you GPU

you would have to know first what is your stock voltage. it's the voltage the card demands for running at stock settings.
if the cards demands less voltage than what similar models pulls, it would be a good OC candidate.
search for an RTX OC guide on the web. most of times, just by improving the cooling, the card is able to boost higher.
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