Question What is wrong with my speaker connection? (Only one speaker playing audio if not plugged in a specific way)

Aug 27, 2019
I have an old Logitech X-230 2.1 audio system for over 7 years now. My whole build is below on my signature, if more details are needed.

I have noticed for some time now that my right speaker does not play audio unless I spin/rotate the cable jack to a certain degree in the motherboard's green jack hole. It didn't use to be a problem, but apparently it keeps getting worse, as the "sweetspot" got way smaller and harder to guess.

Even at the slightest wind, there is a chance to lose connection to my right speaker again and have to re-rotate the jack.

Is my jack cable broken or is there something wrong with my motherboard jack port? Is there a way to fix the connection?

Extra note - I kind of experienced a similar issue with my Pioneer headphones, but I don't know if it's the headphones' cable that is also broken or is a motherboard issue. To be honest, the headphones are a handful of years old as well and neither have I been the most caring with it's jack cable after so much wear and tear through putting them on my head and taking them off. Not to mention the numerous times I accidentally pulled the cable with my head while it was tense. I also broke them in the past just by simply taking them off, which makes everything even harder to guess. (I probably have a big head, since the hinges that hold the actual speakers broke off while taking them off; I glued them back though and made sure there's no wire damage, at least for that area).

I have no other headphones to test if the connection is just as faulty or not, but I really don't know what to it even possible to have my motherboard's jack port damaged to cause a poor/unstable connection?