What is wrong with my system ???


Aug 1, 2009
Hey Guys I'm new to toms hardware and just bought my laptop on the 14th of August and I was so happy to get away from my aging Dell 8300 P4 HT but anyways here is my specs.

Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz
4GB Ram
HD 4650 1GB DDR3

So On MOHA I play max settings with 1600x 900 and get 25-55 fps.
On Left 4 Dead 1600 x 900 all max with MSAA X8 AA X16 i get 45-60 fps.

BUT Crysis oh Crysis I have on 1280 x 720 all settings with med,very high and 20 fps and this is the demo and even with me OCing it to HD 4670 clocks still laggy but here is funny thing it can go from 40 to 10 fps in a split second so anybody got suggestions on what I can do.

Thanks guys for any help given =)


Your video card is powerful enough to run the game, but not during the parts where it has to render a lot of stuff. I suggest you use an even lower resolution and put all settings to low.


Sep 13, 2009
just leave your resolution and put your settings to medium all i don think you net lower resolution or smthing like that cause i have in my old pc runnig at very high 1680x1050
on a sapphire radeon x1950GT 256MB it is maybe no comparabel because yours is a laptop model but this graphic card is almost 5-6 years old so if i can play at my resolution you should be able to play with yours even better.
so i suggest you just go to ati and download your new drivers for your graphic card here a link: http://www.amd.com/de/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx sry but it is in german so on the right side there is a windows called treibers there you can choose your model windows etc.
if you have problems with erman google for your drivers and be carefull i would just download from ati their site it is ati.amd.com

hope i could help
greets laluma22

if you need further help let me know