What is wrong with this image?


Jan 5, 2004
November 10, 2022

I find it silly to use only a third of a computer screen to read more and more articles made only for smartphones.

What is wrong with this image and the millions of similar ones on the internet?
It is in Smartphones (Portrait) format. It seems to be the fashion to leave a third or more of the screen blank.
Likewise, it is even more ridiculous here since this site talks about computers, which therefore have large screens (16/9 or other).

In addition, we are not talking about the environment. Indeed, it consumes more energy to read the articles because it is necessary to scroll the screen much more often.

Even though there are more than four billion smartphones, thus many more than computers, those who use them have the right to have pages that correspond to their screen.

Especially since everything exists to know, automatically, if it is a computer, a tablet, a smartphone that reads the article.

Since the same person own the majority of the media, it is not surprising to find these "webpages with large white borders" in 90% of cases.

I hope that one day soon there will be people in the media and "brave" to make people with computers read more characters per page than white "characters".

Smartphone View

PC View
mine smartphone view look normal, filled whole screen in both landscape and portrait modes, no scrolling needed as its filled up nicely
was loking at same news page as you provided

your red bar at top is unusualy long...what browser are you using? i tested few and none of them shows this long red bar


Win 11 Master
Jun 12, 2015
that is curious, I get the mobile view on my PC, how you removing the blank space?
how do you get PC view? (thinks, I been here how many years?)
I assumed the blank parts are actually full of ads

which long red line? only one I don't see is the arrow

what shows on a screen is determined by its width. On forums you can use a toggle width button at bottom right of page to make middle row thinner but that doesn't exist on front page
mobiles generally see less on forum pages than PC.