Question What is your opinion on MSI GF63 Thin?Should I buy it?

Aug 29, 2022
I'm looking for a cheap laptop that will run ff14 endwalker decently. Might this be the laptop for the job?

It has i5-10500H cpu, GeForce GTX 1650 gpu, 8gb ram (2666 mhz, upgradeable to 64GB), ssd 256gb drive. It costs ~550$

What do you think about this laptop?
Would it be enough for my needs?

P.S: I do not have an option to game on a desktop for now.

The laptop I was originally interested in, Acer aspire 5, was sold out as I was waiting for the replies, this is the next best thing I found
It's an alright laptop, I bought one and was well slightly disappointed with it, the 1650 was getting easily beat by other laptops with a 1650, only because I think how it's designed the 1650 pass threw the intel integrated graphics and it has a performance penalty doing it that way, Probably why it was a cheaper option with a 1650 when I bought it. It also felt more choppy and stuttery even in games that got over 100 fps, that's a good sign that the 1650 output is pass threw the intel graphics.

The CPU is pretty decent, 6 cores 12 threads, though it will run on the hot side, the cooler just simply can't handle it, I found mine power throttled up until it overwhelmed the cooler, when with the fan set to what I think MSI called it MaxBoost or something. Its loud!!

Its an ok laptop, but don't expect it to run cool, be quiet during games, at least you can upgrade the storage and memory in it which is a plus!

And yes it should run them games pretty well.

Good Luck!
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