Question What just happened to my graphics card?

Jan 28, 2019
My PC and monitor were on just sat on Windows main screen, nothing running.

I went to plug my TV (which is on standby but hasn't been on for days) into my GPU via HDMi, one end was already in the TV. I've done this with leads countless times in the past, never fully d/c anything from the mains.

Before the HDMI even slightly plugged in to the gpu the plug obviously touched the port and most likely some of the metal back plate.. My GPU fan just locked at what was way over 100% speed and sounded like a jet engine, It disconnected from my monitor so I had no control of the PC.

I had to just hold off on the PC and it did instantly come back on with no problem.

I'm just concerned is this some kind of power or earthing problem?
I'm not sure if it's possible but if it may have grounded one of the conductors and it caused what you saw.....or perhaps because you connected it with the PC on, a transient caused it.

I don't think it is necessarily a problem....but I would be very thankful it came back with no problems and in the future I wouldn't connect anything up that's "live" if I could avoid it. I realize that sometimes it's OK to plug and unplug live components but as a general rule.....I don't do it.
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