What killed my Psu?


May 1, 2011
Hi I had a huge problem... My computer started to shut down randomly. I have no idea why, and I could not predict it, maybe I could avoid it a little if I avoided certain applications. Yet I am not sure if that made a difference at all.

It started to shut down so frequently that I could not even boot it. Each time I booted it, it would shut down as soon as the windows logo screen would go out. Exactly in that moment, as if it there was some kind of trigger. Formatting did nothing, tried all my ram modules in all configurations no luck. Weird thing is that sometimes if I had to shut it down manually it would turn on and turn off automatically several times. It was a little freaky. I took a much smaller PSU a 430w thermaltake. And my pc booted past the windows screen no problem.

I also tried a much smaller gpu that did not required energy from the psu, still shut down.
And finally I tried to boot on two different SSD and another HDD and no luck.

I had no time for further testing so I packed and went on. I request an RMA for the psu. But I want to be certain that was it.

What killed it? Why did it started failing and how can I prevent damages to my psu in the future.This stuff just happens or what? I just bought a power surge even though it does little to help preventing another damage like this. I also have a small cheap voltage regulator, but I am afraid of using it since my pc was using it when it was damaged, so I might just dispose it.

Please dont tell me that when I get the fixed PSU I will continue to have this problem and the motherboard will be next...


Corsair Tx850w
Haf 932 tower case
560 Ti - Pny
Intel I7 - 930
6gb ram 2gb x 3 + 4gb ram ddr3 1x 4gb (my motherboards manual says its ok to have this configuration on tripple channel mode)
Corsair H50 - removing it for stock fan did nothing to improve the problem
Gigabyte Udr3
Intel SSD 40 V25 x 2
Seagate 1.5TB HDD
A couple of fans which removing did not help.
3 + constant USB port usage.

CDP - BAVR1006 it s the weird power apparatus which handled the electricity of my pc. (costed less than 20 bucks and its made in mexico)

again thanks in advance


Feb 27, 2012
Just to be clear the swap of the PSU worked fine? If so, it's possible you just were unlucky enough to get a bad Corsair PSU.

Get rid of "CDP - BAVR1006". Looks like it's from the 90's. The information about it is all in Spanish which isn't a good sign. It's probably some crappy product sold to people who don't know any better and are sold on quotes like "prevents degredation in PC components" which was the only thing I saw on a google search in English. It's possible that CDP - BAVR1006 didn't have the output needed for your 850W PSU. Just throw it away and buy something else.

You'd probably have to LIVE in Mexico to need a voltage "regulator". Just get a surge protector if you want some protection. They sound the same to me but I assume the "regulator" has some sort of internal capacitors that charge up incase the power temporarily goes down in your wall? But for 20 bucks I wouldn't think so.

Did you think to take this out of the equation in your troubleshooting?