Question What kind of cable is this???


This cable is part of the front panel wiring on a Segotep Phoenix case. Its roughly the size of a full size USB cable and both sides are exactly the same. Ive looked all over and cant find anything about it.

P.S. Posting photos on here is a real $itch
That cable routes the power and signals to the USB C port on the top front of your case. Its keyed so that it can only be inserted 1 way into 1 socket on your motherboard.
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Sep 23, 2016
Agree with above. This can only be plugged into a new mobo header called a USB3.2 Type E socket. Tell us what maker and exact model number is your motherboard? We can help check its manual to find out if you have such a socket.
I have a TUF Gaming X570-PLUS WIFI and im almost positive theres no connector like that on it. Your welcome to check of course.
Apparently that Type E connector wasnt the only way to hook up those 3.2 ports. I think its called a U32G1_12 connector but anyway the USB ports are working on the case.

Thanks for the help identifying the connection.


USB2 was what we all used for quite a while. Now the new thing is all called USB3.2m, with e "Genx" after that. Usb3.2 Gen 1 is about ten times faster that USB2 was and uses a connector and socket that looks like the same (called Type A), but is different because it has ,ore contact in side it. So USB2 connectors now have BLACK inserts inside them, and USB3.2 have BLUE inserts. Your mobo has four of these on its rear panel, and a mobo header that can be connected to two more on a front panel (IF your case has such a thing). USB3.2 Gens can do twice as fast for some devices, although few actually do go this fast. It can use the Type A socket (your mobo has two of these on the rear), although you are strongly advised to use instead a smaller Type C socket and connector - your mobo has one of these on the back, too. USB3.2 Gen 2x2 can do four times the Gen1 speed, but you need a special mobo TYPE E header and a cable and front socket Type C in your case to use that. That is what the cable your photo showed, but your mobo does not have that header.

IF your case has an ADDITIONAL cable of the right type and front sockets Type A, you may be able to plug that into the USB3.2 Gen1 header at front middle of your mobo - see manual p. 1-2, item key 9, and p. 1-12.

Your mobo also has two headers for the old USB2 type of connection - see p. 1-2, key #14 - but none on its back panel. If you want to use one or both of those headers for older slow USB2 devices, you can get adapter plates that mount in a rear slot for an unused PCIe slot and give you two or four USB2 Type A sockets. I've done that to reserve the faster USB3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 sockets on the mobo back panel for new USB3.2 devices.