Question What kind of CPU temps should I be seeing with a 360mm AIO? I am sitting around 50 C currently with a Ryzen 5

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Jun 5, 2014
You need to give PC more space, if its got intake fans on its right hand side it helps if its got more than a little gap between it and wall. especially if you put AIO on side facing wall.

I don't find any reviews from places I know, or trust. That probably tells me all I need to know.
wonder what GN doing with their fan tester... but I digress.

They aren't Noctua, thats for sure.

Yeah, there's about 5 feet between the wall and the side of the PC.


Any suggestions on good led fans that aren't going to be $200 for 6 of them? Corsair LL120 would be my choice but I don't see any reason to spend $200 on just fans. These cost me $45 and work really well.
Corsair... Hah. They got some pretty(subjective) fans, but they too are on the weak side - excluding the high(2000) rpm ones.

Good and cheap usually don't mix together too well with LED fans; either they perform well and are expensive, or they're cheap and perform poorly. There are not many that strike a good middle ground.
Heck, for brands that have LED and non-LED versions of the same fan model, the LED version is a little weaker and louder than its non-LED sibling.

Here's a couple of recommendations. Hopefully they're available to you:,4zxRsY/