Question What kind of WiFi Card do I need for My WiFi 6

Dec 26, 2020
What is the WiFi 6 compatible card for the HP ENVY model 17t J-100? Would a USB WiFi 6 adaptor work better instead of changing the WiFi (Bluetooth ) card. What adaptor do I get??
I would appreciate any help I can get in this area.
Thank You,
Likely a internal card is going to be the best option. It all depends on how hard it is to disassemble the laptop to get to the card. Some you remove 1 panel on the back and replace it other you must do massive dis assembly to get to the card. There likely are youtube videos if the laptop is fairly common.

As long as you find a wifi6 card the same physical form factor it will function. HP has stopped being idiots...well at least on consumer grade machines...and no long tries to force you to buy only their cards with bios hardware whitelists.

Performance the internal cards tend to work better. They use the larger antenna in the laptop and are not constrained by the USB. You would need to use usb3 ports to get full speed out of a wifi6 nic.

If you go the USB route look a unit that sits remote from the machine on a stand and uses a usb cable to connect back. These generally have larger antenna and put out more power. Some of the small USB adapters are low power which of course saves battery but cut perfromance.

I can not recommend any particular card,the cost was so high when they first came out and now that wifi6e equipment is going to be out I have stopped even looking at devices.