Discussion What made you switch from console to PC gaming?

Apr 11, 2022
Hey! So just curious what made you switch to playing on a PC? A lot of my friends swear by only using their PC now, but I love using my xbox 😂


Aug 25, 2021
Always wanted a PC and saw there were so many more options on it than console. Plus I don't have to pay for online services and also RGB :D
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I've never owned a console, but have played on my friend's consoles numerous times, and tried buying a gamepad for race games on my PC. After experiencing that, the main things that would make me jump ship to PC are, gamepads suck for aiming, and honestly, IMO they are even slower for steering in race games. Binding options are also usually more flexible with KB/M, and of course you generally have more graphics options and better quality graphics in general on PC.

Really, when it comes down to it, the only time games play better on gamepad is when developers get lazy with their PC ports, like GoW 2018 requiring you to double tap to dodge on KB, which you don't have to do on gamepad. Even then though, most popular games can be played with gamepad on PC, so PC still wins.

About the only thing consoles have an advantage on is game prices for them are generally better anymore. It used to be prices of new console games stayed at full retail much longer, with PC ones releasing at discounted prices. Anymore it's the reverse of that.

Lately, Sony and Microsoft are also putting out some of the best games on PC, all of which were former console exclusives. The best games I played in 2021 were Days Gone, Halo Infinite, and God of War 2018. Hopefully this trend will continue, but I'd also like to see Sony insist the devs making these PC ports refine the control scheme a bit better on some of them for KB/M. Honestly though, for the most part, it's been smooth sailing in that regard.
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Sep 1, 2021
For me free games, even if you call them pay to win, they also pass the time, lol. Seriously tho being disabled sucks so gotta change life style as a gamer in that regard. :) no complaints tho

Also i like mmos and the amount of free ones (again yes pay to win but still) is insane, so much fun to have.


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You can't upgrade the GPU in a console. About only thing you can change is storage sizes now.

I didn't really choose, I always had both. I don't see point in taking sides in a war only the customers are fighting, the makers happily deal with each other. I have a PC now mainly as consoles getting too expensive, now there isn't as much difference between them and a PC internally. PC can last longer as you can replace anything that stops working.

that and the game types I generally play don't work well with limited controls.

Randi Poling

Feb 19, 2014
Ive always been on equal grounds when it comes to consoles and PCs since 2004 (well, earlier than that I suppose, but I was mostly PSX and Dreamcast then).

My first computer that I played computer games on was an HP pavillion desktop that i used to play Delta Force 2, SWAT 3, NASCAR Racing 2/3/4, and other NASCAR games, Motocross Madness 1/2, AoE, Rise of Nations, SIMS, and a few others. Then I got my XBOX and was a hardcore console gamer for a while up until the Hp Pavillion, then the eMachines that my parents got in 2004, then I would play Half Life and Counterstrike (and the mods) and do skins for the CS mods up until 4AM. Then BF2 came out and that took up a lot of my time. Then the XBOX 360 came out......

I got my own 360 a year after launch and I was hardcore into console gaming, playing the heck out of Oblivion, HALO 2, Gears of War, Kameo, and a few other games until HALO 3 and COD MW dropped, and i played those games a TON. But then, I discovered MMOs... .Id play SW Galaxies, free to play random MMOs, and then WoW..... That, was when I became a big PC gamer (on top of XBOX 360 as well.) So for the longest time, I was on both sides equally, and built a new machine to play WoW Wrath of the Lich King and the upcoming BF3, but now... Here we are in 2022.

I have an XBOX One X, and a Switch, but, they really dont get much play time anymore ever since I finally decided to take the jump and build a new computer since I couldnt get my hands on an XBOX Series X or a PS5. So I would have to say, the time that I became almost solely PC was 2021... The games look better, theres a HUGE variety, and a lot of games id play on console can be played on PC. Lets not forget about emulation as well.


Never been a console gamer. I swear I have a complete mental block when it comes to using a controller that is more ambitious than a D-pad. Also, back in the day, the difference between consoles and PCs in terms of graphics was night and day. That really only changed with Playstation 2 / xbox 360 and by that time I was firmly in the PC camp playing MMOs and first person shooters.

On the few times I have been engaged to play Halo on an Xbox I have to put the controller in funky mode (if I recall the name correctly) which has inverse up/down like a flightstick but also moves the strafing/turning to illogical sides. I think one of those options isn't available on the playstation? I recall having issues trying to play Call of Duty on a PS3 once. So I usually resorted to silliness to have fun, like rushing people with shotguns or going for high power single shot weapons since prolonged engagements always had me out maneuvered.


Mar 31, 2014
For me it was the ability to upgrade when I wanted for newer graphical and disk speed tech, but also game modding intrigued me at the time, as well as wanting the increased accuracy a mouse gives for fps and rts games. I still enjoy the best of both worlds and usually play on consoles for third person shooters, as well as exclusives I can't live without or do not want to wait for a pc port for.