Question What makes Samsung NVMe the best?

Feb 18, 2020
Everywhere I look I see people saying how Samsung’s NVMe drives are by far the best. So what is it exactly that Samsung is able to do that no other manufacturers can? Why are they so dominant in this space? do they have a patent on a certain technology or architecture that keeps them so far ahead?
Thanks for the answers


Samsung makes every part of the system, firstly. They manufacture the flash memory, DRAM, and controllers. They are typically first to market with new process nodes for making memory products, so their density/cost ratio is pretty good. Having that vertical integration lets them keep their prices relatively low.

So I can pick up a TLC NAND flash SSD for about the same cost as the competition and expect it to be nearly as fast as older, more expensive, MLC products. Same for QLC, competitive with a lot of similarly priced TLC models from the competition.

As for being the best, that comes down to a cost/performance and durability. There are faster drives out there, but they usually come out after Samsung's products.

Intel Optane, for example, can't be beat for latency figures, but is still significantly more expensive.


Samsung has been a reliable SSD brand for many years. They will last longer than a lesser brand SSD (like Mushkin or Kingston) in most cases.

Samsung NVME drives are generally made with quality components, although not all Samsung NVMEs are the same.

Samsung also manufactures the DRAM and other components itself, so they can tailor it to their needs.