What makes SATA better than PATA?

PATA is old technology. Designed in 1986 it has maximum data transfer rates of 133MB/s.

SATA was designed to replace PATA in 2003 and currently (SATA Revision 3.0) has maximum data transfer rates of 600MB/s.
One word = SPEED!

Now, even though SATA II 3.0Gbps and SATA III 6.0Gbps are rated at thoose levels, a mechanical hard drive will never even come close to that bandwidth.

My SATA II hard drives only get above 160MBps, which is far under the 3.0Gbps, or 300MBps.

SATA III was really developed for Solid State Drives, which get up to 550MBps today. Don't bother spending the extra on a SATA III hard drive.

Note that 3.0Gbps is 3.0 Giga-bits per second, and 300MBps is 300 Mega-Bytes per second. It's not really a 10:1 scale, but close enough.


It's Speed, changing from PATA to SATA and SATA to SATAII there a huge jump off data rate, SATAII to SATAIII only SSD can utilize it....

In the end If u still had old generation of hardware (HDD, optic, etc) that cannot utilize the better data rate don't worry so much. For newer device it much better if u got SATAII or SATAIII

Example : I'm still using one HDD that only support SATAI, no improvement when i'm plug in to SATAIII connection.