What Makes The Samsung Spinpoint 1TB Fast..


Sep 14, 2011
hat makes the Samsung Spinpoint faster then other hard drives,


Im not a hard drive expert but the only difference i see is the 1tb obviously has more storage. My HD i
bought a while ago is a WD Blue 640 gb.


The reason im asking is my gpu died a while ago, so im upgrading it, and i decided to etheir buy an SSD or another hard drive. I run a hackintosh (os lion) and windows 7 so i figured the 1tb hd could give me more room when im on OS lion. But tbh i barely use any space lol, but its good to have.

And i rarely cut off my computer etheir, i may cut it off like once every 2 weeks, but besides that i dont really cut it off. So i wouldnt really see the benifit of a SSD since most people say it speeds up their start up time. I dont do much ( or any ) video editing/photoshop stuff etheir. I only really play world of warcraft and league of legends lol. and browse the internet.

Here is the SSD i was thinking about getting.

But i could save $30 dollars and have more space. I probaly dont really even need a new hard drive lol, but ive been hearing a lot about that 1tb HD since i built my computer.

Sorry for the wall of text.
The main difference is caused from the denser platters but it probably won't be a noticeable difference between your 640gb hdd. The main benefit of a ssd is access times which speeds up loading of any file/program. Ssds are just starting to get somewhat affordable so the decision to get one is really up to you. It would have been better if you just kept an eye out on good deals, 60gb ssds usually go on sale for $60 like one did a couple days back.
Actually the F3 is a bit slower than the WD black 1.5TB. WD seems to get better random access times so will be better at boot than F3. But costs more. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136793

Based on how little difference I've seen between a seagate 7200.12 and the WD 1.5TB you won't see a difference between spinpoint and WD or between any other two fast 7200 rpm drives. You will see/feel the difference between a fast 7200 rpm drive and a slow/green drive.

The speed of the head movement is tied to power consumption so green = slow. Faster head movement yields better random access. Denser platters = more bits move under head per revolution = faster sequential access. Faster RPM means less time waiting for the right data to spin under head and more bits per second going under head so better random and better sequential.