Question What mobo for 5600X upgrade to 5800X3D

Mar 5, 2023

This is my current mobo in my rig, which isn't great but at least have some cheapo looking vrm cooling 🙈. Doesn't have any sensors for vrms temps, so not much I can say about it.

But this mobo can handle 5800X3D without overheating vrms or any other components failure ?

5800X3D, isn't cheap so any extra spendings for new better mobo, isn't something my wallet can afford too easily 🥲, that's why I need some opinions about it.

And also if 5800X3D is worth for RTX 2080 (I'll go for better one but at least not in the closest future 🙈)


Supported is supported. Long as you have decent airflow over the motherboard I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Faster CPU is worth it if you expect some benefit. If your 2080 is the limit now, a faster CPU won't change your game performance.

But if you are shooting to like 250 FPS at low settings or something, more CPU is the best way to go.
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