What mobo will work with this RAM +E6300, 8800 GTS


Jan 11, 2007
I am thinking of purchasing this mobo for my new gaming rig.


Here is my problem.

I have this ram


On the ASUS website, it blatantly says that this ram is compatible.... there are even ppl that say they use this mobo and it runs fine... yet another person on the reviews for this board says that he cannot get this ram to work. I know that ppl are fallible and if most ppl are saying this ram is fine, then it probably is, but I had his ram and was trying to use it in a DG965WH Intel board and it ran for a week and then started randomly restarting. I checked Intel's website and it states that any ram of 2.1 volts is not compatible... so I ruled them out on that board. I checked the bios and the timings were not right, nor the voltages, so I changed the timings, and couldn't even get this thing to run, I got the 3-beep memory error. I know that this ram is notorious for being finicky on mobos as well as horrible as far as QA is concerned, so I RMAed the ram and my vid card ( I changed the video to PCI-E specifically from auto config and stopped getting video --- I am running an ASUS 8800 GTS) and am waiting for the new ones to arrive.

I spent $83 dollars shipping my vid card and ram back to get replacements, I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN.

So I want to see if anyone else is using this config and has it stable and if there are any hiccups in the set-up?.. I have spent upwards of $2400 on this system and I JUST WANT IT TO WORK. I hate having the kind of expensive paperweight sitting on my floor and the sad reality of coming home to my GF's vastly inferior HP laptop to play my games.

Please send help so I can order this mobo or ANOTHER ONE YOU GUYS SUGGEST. You can see what my $ is ($260 or under).... Can't wait to hear back!!! I want a mobo for gaming that has a decent set-up!


Dec 7, 2006
I haven't used that combination personally.. but perhaps someone else can verify that if you use 1.8V ram on that motherboard to boot into BIOS.. change voltage to 2.1V, insert CorsairXMS RAM.. that it'll work fine..? You just need one cheap stick of 256mb/512mb 1.8v ram to get the bios boot.. or borrow a 1.8V stick from a friend for 5 minutes..


Mar 1, 2006
Most of the time if there is a voltage shortage on your ram from default motherboard settings you can usually make it into the bios and just change everything manually. I personally think that you will be fine, with computer hardware there are always mixed experiences. I think you should go for it, seems to be turnin into a nice system you have there.