what model/brand good for wifi hotspot that range to 500meters

All well and good that your wireless AP has a strong transmit signal but what about the host machine transmitting back....... Maximum transmit power is a legal limitation, directional antennas will focus the energy NOT increase it. Understanding wifi/RF is an art form with many things to consider Fresnel zones, free space propagation, LOS, loss and gain!
considering performance of a wifi antenna is about 60 meters ~300 feet at best, if your using an external boosting +30db antenna.
500 meters is a long distance you will need repeating antennas along the way to grab and push the signal along the way to the final destination

(i.e. 1 Watt directional antenna mounted on the rooftop.. expensive solution. and requires permits depending where your located)
[quotemsg=20973721,0,2649345]Unless you have to cover the whole area, a long lan cable would be viable. Otherwise shift towards several devices, something like a mesh network made out of repeaters.[/quotemsg]

Good luck with that, might want to consider the power requirements along the way!!