Question What monitor should i get ?

Aug 19, 2019
Hi i have ryzen 3 1200 and 1050ti 4g, 16gb of ram i will be upgrading the processor and graphics around the end of this year right now i decided that i want to get new monitor.

I found two that I really liked -

1 -

2 -

And i dont know which one to get they cost the same and the second ones has higher resolution but i dont know if i could achieve 144 fps in my games on 1440p but i also dont know if its worth spending the same money on monitor with lower resolution some people say that 1080p is too low resolution for 27” monitor so iam not sure what to get.

And if i got the 1440p one how bad would be playing games on 1080p while having 1440p monitor ?

I play mostly online game like league of legends etc. the most demanding game that i play is battlefield 4 . But most of the time on youtube watching some videos.



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