Question What monitor to buy for Apple Studio?

Sep 25, 2023
Hey all, I have a Mac Studio ordered and I would also like to upgrade my monitor to go with it. I currently use an iMac 24” M1 on a vesa arm sitting above a Dell U4919DW monitor.

What I am trying to decide is what monitor to replace this setup? I enjoy the 49” Dell and the productivity space it provides but do find the resolution a bit limited at times and very noticeable nowadays compared to the screens on my 15” MacBook Air and the iMac. I also find that most of the time I prefer to have the screen split into 3 equal windows, with the main window of whatever app I am using on the center of the screen, with secondary windows on the left and right (i.e. I’m actually really mainly using the center of this huge screen for working).

I am trying to decide if I go for the Apple Studio Display at 27” and enjoy the higher resolution on a smaller screen? Or do I go for something like the Samsung 57” Neo G9 for something similar to the Dell with a better resolution? I saw it in person today and it is a beautiful display and build. I have also been considering keeping the iMac and running it as a secondary monitor beside the Apple Studio Display.

Another thought is going for a 34” or 40" option? I haven’t enjoyed have the iMac above the monitor so I don’t think I need anything bigger height wise than the 27” or 57” options.

What would be your guys’ suggestions? Thanks so much in advance!