Question What motherboard do I need for a dell optiplex 3010?

Mar 5, 2021
Hi all,
I'm a real novice so apologies in advance if I say something dumb. A couple of years back I bought a refurbished desktop from ebay. I probably should have done more research but it stopped working after 6 months and was out of warranty. I want to see if I can get it up and running again. When I plug the power cable in, in briefly whirs into life before going off. A solid orange light stays on, which after some research and unplugging the hard drive tells me its the motherboard that's the problem (I hope I got that right)

So on looking at the motherboard it has the product number e145483 ms0520. When I google this, I get a few options, but they don't seem to match the order of the connections I have on the back (i.e. hdmi, vga etc) - is that a problem? Also when I google optiplex 3010 this motherboard model doesn't seem to come up. Instead I get t10xw s1155. So not sure what I should purchase. Pictures at link below for reference. Otherwise is there some other way I can get this up and running again? Feels like a waste to not try given that I assume most of the other parts probably work fine. Grateful for any advice.

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