What motherboard for 2600k gaming


Mar 15, 2010
i am building a gaming cpu, but i am really confused about the motherboard, i have chosen 2600k as processor and i am confused weather to go for asus or gigabyte,i have considered gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3 and asus p8z68 deluxe. i want the motherboard to have atleast triple sli or crossfire (16x,16,8x-combination). are there any other good motherboard . i want something under $450.
please suggest. thanks.
1st recognize that the 2600k w/ hyperthreading provides no significant advantage over the 2500k ..... the 0.1 GHz speed advantage can be wiped by OC'ing the CPU.

2nd, decide whether you will benefit in any way from Z68 .... my guess is you won't:


Launched 5 months after the P67 and H67 chipset the Z68 chipset combines the advantages of the H67 and P67 Chipset so that overclocking, dual dedicated graphics cards and use of the integrated CPU graphics is available. Whilst on the surface it would seem that this would be the chipset to go for, how many users that have 2 dedicated graphics cards will actually want to use the onboard graphics when they already have 2 more powerful graphics cards in their system anyway?

The only real advantage is for users that wish to access the HD graphics features such as quick sync, but considering it’s only supported by very few transcoding programs and there are not many people out there that need or will want to transcode, it makes it almost pointless to choose Z68 over a P67 chipset.

Same applies to users that want to overclock the CPU but use the onboard graphics card; it’s a very limited market.

Finally, another feature of a Z68 chipset is known as SSD caching which is where it allows the use of a small (say 10 or 20 GB) Solid state hard drive to act as a cache for a larger ‘traditional’ hard disk. If you are already planning the use of a Solid State drive this feature is redundant.

If you can’t afford a decent size SSD (40GB+) then there are more cost effective ways around using a small SSD and SSD cashing like spending less on a motherboard, (H67 chipset or even a P67 chipset) and putting the saved money into a decent size SSD.

My recommendation in bold below but I busted ya budget by $5

The asus model you listed doesn't do tri-SLI .... For dual SLI

$385 P8P67 pro w/ i5-2500k ... $475 w/ 2600k

$435 ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 w/ 2500k ..... $525 w/ 2600k

For tri-SLI or dual SLI @ full x16 x16 bandwidth (others are x8 x8), I highly recommend the WS Revolution .... it's an amazing board

$455 WS Revolution w/ 2500k .... $545 w/ 2600k


Mar 15, 2010
i want to go for the z68 board coz i want the intel smart response technology and my $450 budget is for the motherboard alone. and i want i7 processor coz i need the hyperthreading.
are there anyother motherboards from maybe asrock or msi which i may consider.