What Motherboard for these things please?



Hi. Just a quick question please.
Currently feeling out motherboards for a 2008 build.
Main interests will be:
Windows Vista (Ultimate) 64bit
The fastest processor - probably an Intel quad (4 core processor). Would consider an Extreme if I can afford it at the time. I will stick with air cooling by Zalman or similar.
The latest/fastest memory as much as the board and Vista can benefit from.
Adobe CS3 Master Collection (only utilizes 32 bit but still ok) for work and hobby.
Latest Games. Seriously considering 2 decent graphics cards side by side. (680 doesn't support ddr3 right?)
Music creation software from Cakewalk (utilizes the 64 bit architecture -when you really give it some work)
I'll get a separate sound card obviously for midi keyboard etc.

Hopefully future proof for up to 4 years.

On a side note - a cakewalk video I watched suggested they were using a dual quad setup. I think that meant a motherboard with 2 separate quad core processors in it. Does that sound right? Basically I'll be looking for the fastest, stable setup for work and play. Much appreciate your more up to date knowledge on all of this. I usually stick with XP but will try everything Vista 64 even though that invites issues at this point. Thank dudes.



Feb 7, 2006
Hi Grant,

I would say to find out who made the cakewalk video that you liked and find out the configuration of the system that they used in that video.


Go to Newegg.com and just buy the most expensive of each item that you can find for all the components that make up a computer.


Jun 22, 2006
Hi Grant - Yes, Cakewalk Sonar Producer can benefit from a quad core running a 64 bit OS with 8 gig of ram, but how hard are you really going to push it? If you are scoring to video with a few dozen real-time virtual instruments from a pkg like Garritan Symphonic Orchestra plus a dozen real-time effects, then you want the fastest setup you can get. However, for a real world personal studio setup where you usually record 1 or 2 insturments at a time, that's probably overkill. And remember, many of the add on virtual instruments and effects packages may not even run on Vista 64. Stick with a quad core and XP Pro if you want the greatest compatibility and the widest choice of plug-in software. Plus, with the money you save, you can buy a virtual guitarist or 2 :) ..stevenpchurch


Thanks for the replies. I'll be switching to Vista as I welcome a change of scenery.

Bobbknight: I'll ask them (if they reply) what system they used. Newegg rocks but I'm in Japan at the moment. I need to find out what is compatible with what I guess. Don't mind spending money if it will benefit but not unnecessarily. Thanks.

StevenPChurch: Cheers. You are probably right about overkill for any music talent I have anyway - but I would like a pumped up system to help in other areas too hopefully. At the moment I have a P4 3.6 Ghz with 2 gigs Ram (DDR400) a build from about 4 years ago. I'm really hoping that the latest processors will feel much faster - even though they don't seem as expensive as this P4 was back then.

Still not sure which boards are best for the job.

Cheers dudes.