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Question what motherboard should I buy to support my new parts?


Jul 23, 2016
Recently i just got a new RTX 2080 and a new i9 processor I had been saving for months. However after some brief research, a MAXIMUS VII HERO does not support my new processor but my new GPU is supported? I put up with this for a few months but recently I've only now realized how bad Im bottlenecking my system. What would be a good motherboard to invest in that could last me awhile without completing breaking the bank.


GPU: RTX 2080 Super
CPU: Intel core i7-6700k

PS. Im not the most tech savy person in the world so excuse me if im quite literally illiterate to somethings or im actually doing more harm than good to my build because it wouldn't surprise me
If you have a 6700K then that's about the best you can do on that socket. You could buy a i7-7700K but the upgrade will be minimal and not worth the cost.

If you want anything newer you will need a new Intel or AMD Ryzen mobo.

As far as your GPU any motherboard with a PCie3 slot will support it.
If you have a new i9 CPU, then a Z390 or Z490 motherboard is required.

If the CPU you have is the i9-9900K, then you have to go Z390 motherboard
If you have the i9-10900K then you have to get a Z490 motherboard

The i9 CPU be it a 9900K or 10900K are top end unlocked CPU's and about as good as it gets for gaming with both overclockable to 5GHz and beyond and deserve decent motherboards...Some suggestions below..

Z390 boards, Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO, Asus Strix F, ASRock Taichi, Gigabyte Aorus Ultra or Master

Z490 - Asus Strix E or F, Gigabyte Vision D (very cost effective with 12 phase VRM), Gigabyte Aorus Ultra or MSI Unify are all good boards. At the very top end the Gigabyte Aorus Master or ASUS Hero XIII
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