Question What motherboard should I get?

Aug 31, 2022
I'm looking to upgrade my mobo to have some features that I skipped out on for budget, and I was wondering what motherboard I should get.
I have a ryzen 5 5600 and a rx 6600 as my cpu and gpu
My B550M DS3H doesn't have wifi or bluetooth and doesn't have the option to plug in a USB-C cable
The largest motherboard I can put in my case is an atx and my budget is around 100-150 dollars max
also kinda related, the motherboard and the pc have issues with turning off, it doesn't force restart the pc if I hold down the power button and the sleep mode on my pc is glitchy as well.

Budget is around 100 dollars
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I know, I'm just saying that the max I can have in my case is an ATX mobo
ATX is largest general consumer MB size.
Look at this MB, it's richer in options than most X570 boards.