Question What motherboard supports intel I5 2400***, and rx570 4g gpu and also windows 7

Feb 15, 2019
***Or newer intel chipset that costs around 140-180 bucks online.
what budget board supports all these specs

I'm having some issues transitioning over to pc gaming from console but I know its for the best lol.
I bought an rx 570 4 gigabite graphics card from best buy on sale, and I need a new motherboard that will support it that isn't super pricey. the Mobo needs to support intel graphics if possible because I don't want to have to upgrade my OS with ryzen or anything.

Any help is really
And other suggestions for cheap builds with the graphics card are welcome too! thanks!


If you update your hardware you need to reinstall the OS.
i5-2xxx and associated chipsets will be fine on win7, BUT they are now 8 years old, so you are looking on ebay.
You are looking for 60 or 70 series mobos, or anything that is an LGA 1155 socket chipset, if you were on a 3xxx cpu then it's be better to stick with 70 series.
But what do you actually have right now, and what budget do you have?